Dominican Republic – Cigar Country


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Enjoy the Taste of the Caribbean at the Procigar Festival 2015!

The tradition of excellence remains in this unique Festival that beautifully combines cigar educational opportunities, entertainment, leisure activities, loads of premium cigar smoking and a lifetime of memories. This magnificent event allows everyone involved in the cigar world to interact and enjoy each other’s company in an unprecedented way – cigar manufacturers, retailers and consumers. The Procigar Festival 2015 will be held on February 15-20 in the Dominican Republic - Cigar Country.

Starting in the luxurious resort of Casa de Campo, located in La Romana, on the southeast coast of the island, our guests will have the opportunity to visit Tabacalera de García, relax at the beach under the tropical sunshine, compete in the Donkey Polo Tournament, practice snorkeling and take horse rides by the ocean.

This marvelous experience continues one step further in the cigar capital of the world, Santiago de los Caballeros, about 160 miles from La Romana, with a diversity of options to choose from, including cigar factory and tobacco field tours to General Cigar, Davidoff, Quesada Cigars, La Aurora, Corporación Cigar Export, Tabacalera La Alianza-EP Carrillo, La Flor Dominicana, Tabacalera Palma and the Ciagr Family Charitable Foundation. Other spectacular activities like sailing on a catamaran along the north coast, interesting seminars, a poker tournament for charity, Brugal Rum tour, merengue lessons and more will be offered.

By night, all guests will gather for spectacular gala dinners, premium drinks, delicious local cuisine, cheerful dance and warm Dominican hospitality, all that round off with the Best Premium Smokes. You can't help but to enjoy the atmosphere we've created for you! Procigar Festival provides a treat for all palates and highlights why the Dominican Republic is the CIGAR COUNTRY.

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  • Procigar Festival, an appointment full of novelties and tobacco aroma.

  • If you love cigars, how can you not love spending time in one of the countries where cigars are made, walk through a tobacco field, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a cigarmaker.

  • Cigar Ambassador magazine had published the Procigar Festival relative content toward all Chinese cigar smokers since the fist Procigar Festival which held in 2008. During these 5 years, chinese cigar consumers became more interested in Procigar.

  • The day was filled with events, but the gala dinner bought even more of them. And the farewell words, comin straight from the heart on both sides, hosts and guests, sounded very sincere.

  • The Procigar members and organizers outdid themselves with a level of organization and attention to detail that is unsurpassed in a festival of this magnitude.

  • Ok... So what do you do if you really want to find out about cigars? I mean, there are always factory tours. But do you ever get to see everything? Well, at ProCigar you pretty much can.

  • Attending ProCigar is live visiting Disney World. You will be constantly stimulated, your cheeks will hurt from smiling, and you will leave exhausted.

  • The ProCigar festival remains the cigar smoker's ultimate Walter Mitty experience. Where else can a devotee tour some of the world's best cigar factories and spend time one-on-one with leading cigar makers while eating, drinking, and smoking great cigars?

  • If you've ever wanted to travel to visit a cigar factory, the ProCigar Festival is what you should set as your goal for next year.