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The Juan Clemente was created by a Frenchman, Jean Clement, who was born in there famous Champagne region of France, Possibly a reason for his love of finer things of life. As a young lad, Jean and his family moved to latin America where he came under some of the Spanish customs and culture. 

In 1975 only one cigar factory existed in the Dominican Republic which only exported small amounts of cigars to Florida. It was then that Jean got the inspiration to make cigars carrying his own trademark.

The idea of adapting the trademark of “Juan Clemente” was suggested by a friend in order to make the name more acceptable in Latin America, or as he himself put it “to tropicalise” the name. Thus the concept of Juan Clemente cigars was born.

Many difficulties and unforeseen problems had to be overcome, but Jean was determinated to preserve and would not be outdone so that eventually he was able to get a State owned factory, La Tabacalera to manufacture his cigars. 

These cigars were a blend of various cigars leaves that he himself had long imagined and dreamed of. The debut of his cigars took place early in april 1982 in France and Switzerland. But because so many European smokers of premium cigars had preferred Cuban cigars for so long, indeed there was a certain cachet in saying you only smoked Havana’s, that it was not an easy task to introduce the Juan Clemente Cigar.

Today, with little publicity, and a lot of “bouche a oreille” (publicity among the users) the Juan Clemente cigars is sold all over the world. Markets include United States, Canada, Spain, France, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong and many Latin American countries.  

Juan Clemente cigars are without doubt one of the finest Dominican Cigars and are very much appreciated by its aficionados. The taste and subtle aroma make it distinguishable from other cigars around the world.

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