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Tobacco Overview

The Dominican Republic is a country devoted to the cultivation of tobacco and has developed an agro-industrial process of the leaves that results in the production of large quantities of cigars which are exported to various parts of the world.

How quality is determined

The main qualities of a good cigar are: combustibility, texture, flavor, elasticity, aroma, color, and balance in the composition of nicotine and oils. Dominican cigars show all of these features.


Tobacco is a short cycle crop (between 90 and 105 days), intensive and extremely sensitive to the season in which it is planted, grown and harvested. Tobacco can adapt to a wide variety of soils. However, the most appropriate for its cultivation are those sandy and clay loam.

The best cigar in the world: made in the Dominican Republic

A handmade cigar is the Dominican ambassador par excellence. It promotes the country and its culture around the world, and is the only Dominican product present in more than 160 countries. In addition to the specific brands, it has a clear identity in each box that reads: "Made in the Dominican Republic".

Dominican Republic presented a Night of Premium Cigars in Brussels, Belgium

The Office of Tourism of the Dominican Republic for Benelux, in collaboration with PROCIGAR and the Embassy of the Dominican Republic to the Kingdom of Belgium, held a tasting night Premium Cigars, Rum and Dominican cuisine for a select audience of diplomats, businessmen, people in the tourism sector and cigar aficionados. The evening took place in an entertaining way, where the guests could enjoy

Czech Republic celebrated the first “Dominican Cigar and Rum Night”

The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in the Czech Republic and the Dominican Tourism Office of the Dominican Republic in Prague, in cooperation with the Association of Dominican Cigar Manufacturer, PROCIGAR held the first ever evening dedicated to cigars and rum in Prague. The event took place on Wednesday June 17 at the newly opened F - Club and was attended by one hundred visitors from the rank

The Dominican Embassy in France held the first tasting of Premium Dominican Cigars

In order to promote the Dominican tobacco industry, the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in France held this Friday, June 12, in the halls of the Embassy, the first tasting of Premium Dominican Cigars in their country. This activity was created in coordination with the Dominican Tourism Office in Paris, and the Association of Dominican Cigar Manufacturers, PROCIGAR.