Meet the Master Blenders of world-renowed brands and enjoy the a night full of experiences!

The perfect gathering for Dominican Cigar Aficionados

It’s an event created by the Association of Dominican Cigar Manufacters (PROCIGAR) that brings together the largest cigar manufactures in the world, where the protagonist of the night is the Dominican cigar.

In this event the greatest executives, master blenders and cigar aficionados gather together with the main purpose of promoting and maintaining the good image of our Tobacco Land.

Procigar Night 2022

PROCIGAR Night 2022 was brighten up with a varied musical program offered by Fellé Vega, Nikola Santiago and DJ Julián Veloso.

The facilities of Casa de Bastidas in the Colonial City in Santo Domingo served as the scenario to celebrate the ninth version of Procigar Night, an event organized by the Association of Dominican Cigar Manufactures which gather large cigar producers and aficionados to exalt the tobacco culture of the Dominican Republic.

As in previous editions, this activity that is carried out every year appreciates the loyalty of the local fan of the Dominican cigar who lives the special experience of sharing with the manufacturing members of PROCIGAR.

Hendrik Kelner, president of PROCIGAR, on behalf of all the partners offered the words of welcome to those present who, with their support, celebrate tobacco and the Dominican cigar as a true cultural heritage.

“Around tobacco, a society of free men was formed, owners of their lands that forged the roots of society. Today, we not only produce the best cigars in the world, but we also create a product that tells the history, tradition, and culture of our country”, emphasized Kelner.

” Our cigars are printed with the result of the work of men and women who passionately deliver the best for each one, to carry a product of premium quality”. punctuated

Finally, on behalf of the institution, we thank the loyalty of those who have accompanied us on this journey from the beginning until today and we assure them that we will continue working with the commitment, and continue producing the best cigars on the market,” he concluded.

This event, in which prominent personalities from the social and business spheres also participated, was set with live music, a dance presentation and the attendees were also able to taste a fine selection of cigars.


PROCIGAR NIGHT Sponsors 2022


PLATINUM: Cabinet Tobacco Boutique, Casa Brugal (Whisky Macallan y Ron 1888), The Ocean Club, Cigar Rings, Fersan y Boveda.

GOLD: Intabaco, International Packaging, Champagne Veuve Clicquot y Carlos Veras (Piezas Personalizadas).

SILVER: Consejo Nacional de Zonas Francas de Exportación, Banco Popular, Swedish Match y Banreservas.

BRONZE: Seadom, Kah Kow, Ferquido, Tabacos de Villa González, Vialx, Álvarez y Sánchez (Remy Martin y Cointreau), Calcali Coffee, Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana, Alkifiesta, Banco Santa Cruz, Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando y Plusval.

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